Simon Freytag

I’m a freelance web developer based in New Mills near Manchester, UK. I build web applications and software using JavaScript, Python, PHP and Go and web sites using systems like WordPress.

I can work as a freelancer on your development team or I can run a project for you from start to finish.

I’m always interested to hear about new projects - send me an email if you have something I could work on.

More about me.

What else is here?

I’m online in a few other places. I have some open-source contributions on my github account. I am answering JavaScript questions on my stackoverflow profile, which is useful for keeping myself up-to-date with new technologies. I have some photos on 500px.

I work on hobby or open-source projects, mostly Simon Likes Maps. This is a route planning tool for the great outdoors with some very capable features that are not available elsewhere. It is a great example of the kind of web app I can build. There’s more projects listed here.

I post about my projects or other bits and pieces of web development. There’s the three most-recent posts below, or here’s all posts by year.

The most recent pic from my 500px feed:

Recent Posts

Simon Likes Maps Android App

10 Jan 2018
maps android offline

I’ve recently finished an Android app for Simon Likes Maps, which lets you take your routes offline for navigation. This does not appear in SLM’s own release notes (it did not need a release of the web code!) so here’s a quick post to mark the occasion.


Jekyll and Bootstrap 4 Upgrade

13 Oct 2017
jekyll theme bootstrap

I’ve upgraded this site to the latest version of Jekyll and also updated it to use Bootstrap 4. I’ve put the resulting theme on GitHub, because there’s not too many Boostrap 4 Jekyll themes out there yet.


OL3 Feature Hovering

16 Mar 2016
openlayers maps

This post demonstrates hovering over features on a map and setting their borders to blue. Basically this repurposes the OL3 Box Selection Demo to use an ol3.interaction.Select interaction instead of click/drag box interactions. There’s some notes at the bottom about using map.on('pointermove') for an alternative way of doing it.