Simon Freytag

I'm a freelance web developer in Sheffield (UK). I'm best at creating modern (HTML5) API-driven web applications using JavaScript, Python and PHP in Unix-like environments.

I'm always interested to hear about new projects - send me an email if you have something I could work on.

A few other place I am online include:

  • Simon Likes Maps, a hobby project. It is a good example of the kind of web app I can build. More info here.
  • My github account with some open-source contributions.
  • My stackoverflow profile. I am answering JavaScript questions, which is fun and also useful for keeping myself up-to-date with new JavaScript technologies.
  • A small collection of photos on 500px.

What else is here?

Web Snippets

I've got some snippets for some web projects and a few other code-related pages. Browse through the menu on the left.

Open Layers 3

I've been answering some Open Layers 3 questions on Stack Overflow and have found it easier to build/host the demo code here (rather than Plunkr/jsfiddle etc). (This helps me find out new features/techniques for ol3 that I can use in SLM.)