What I do

I’m a versatile web developer, with particular skill in JavaScript, and a knack for getting up to speed quickly on projects.

More about me.

How I can help

Have you got a deadline you need a bit of help to meet? A backlog that needs clearing? Or a prototype you need building quickly?

I specialise in short-term and flexible work to help you do any of these things.

Contact me about any project work.

What I've done recently

TypeScript, Vue.js and Node
Spring 2021 - present

Creating cloudforest.market, a new marketplace to buy and sell UK grown hardwoods.

PHP, Laravel and Vue.js
Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021

Emergency support for an education startup after they parted ways with their agency, rescuing their legacy code and upgrading it to modern standards.

Vue.js, OpenLayers, Go and PostGIS
Spring and Summer 2020

Helping a company reach version 1 of their new GIS product on time, presenting detailed GIS data in a friendly web interface for organisations in the outdoor leisure industry.

Education and experience

  • Computer Science, Cambridge University 1997-2000
  • 22 years commercial experience

Everything else

I’m online in a few other places. I have some open-source contributions on my github account. I am answering JavaScript questions on my stackoverflow profile, which is useful for keeping myself up-to-date with new technologies.

I work on hobby or open-source projects, mostly Simon Likes Maps. This is a route planning tool for the great outdoors with some very capable features that are not available elsewhere. It is a great example of the kind of web app I can build. There’s more projects listed here and a few snippets of code here.

I’ve got some photos on a 500px feed but more recently I’ve been using Exposure to create photo collections.

The most recent picture from my 500px feed: