More about me

I’m a versatile web developer with a particular skill in JavaScript/TypeScript and a knack for getting up to speed quickly on projects.

I build frontend web applications and software and I can build backend code too. I am familiar with many frameworks and systems.

I can work as a freelancer on your development team or I can run a project for you from start to finish. I can work flexibly and for short-term contracts.

I’ve got 22 years commercial experience. I’ve worked on all sorts of projects, from huge infrastructure programs such as performance tuning a major investment company’s fund trading web application, to small web sites, such as helping charities sort out their web sites for free. I’ve worked in consulting as well as development and on all stages of a project’s lifecycle, from pre-sales through to support. I’ve led development teams and project teams, but am just as happy working within a team.

I studied Computer Science at Cambridge University, 1997-2000.

A CV of my recent projects and technologies that I’ve worked with is available on request.

Have a look through my list of projects for work I’ve published or own.

I’m always interested to hear about new work - send me an email if you have something I could work on. I live in New Mills near Manchester and can travel across the UK.

New Mills tucked in the hills on the right, seen from Kinder Scout on a frosty morning run.